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Apps, Web Apps and APIs

Software Development & Consulting

Android, iOS and Windows logos in conjuction with tools for app development
Native Apps for Android and iOS, which are published through App Stores. Depending on the requirements, apps are developed with the native development tools (Kotlin/Java/Swift), Flutter or Ionic.
Apps which are distributed through web servers or the Cloud and are executed in the web browser. The development happens with Angular, Vue or VanillaJS. Concepts like Progressive Web Apps and Server Side Rendering are also supported.
Backend development to provide access to enterprise data for apps or web apps. APIs are built with Node.js, ASP.NET Core or PHP. Also the development of OpenData platforms is supported.
With 25 years of experience in software development, we help customers realise their digital projects. Consulting may be carried out in several forms:
  • development of digital strategies to face changes in market behaviour (digital disruption)
  • digitisation of existing business processes
  • monitoring of software development projects or troubleshooting projects which got out of hand