One Development for Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile - the Airport App for the EuroAirport shows how this is done

Last update: 05/15/2017

The EuroAirport App for Android and iOS showing a flight list and a flight detail

The functionality of the airport app

Apart from the current flight information of the airport, much other information is accessible through the app, such as parking availability, parking cost calculation, bag following, check-in information, info about the different airlines and shops, contact info and much more.

Push Notifications notify users about flight status changes

Users can follow one or several flights. For these flights, users will be notified by push notifications about flight status changes (e.g. boarding time, delays, expected arrivals, …).

Additionally, push notifications are available when users follow their bags until they are loaded into the plane.

The app has been developed with HTML5 and Apache Cordova

The development of the app happened with HTML5 and Apache Cordova. With one single software development effort, the apps for all platforms were created.

HTML5 framework to provide the look & feel of a native app

To provide the look and feel of a native app, the HTML5 framework kendoUI was used. At design time, it was decided to implement a unified look for all platforms. Nevertheless some platform specific elements were implemented to give the app an own characteristic for each platform.

Web services with PHP

Web Services for data access were developed with PHP.

Cost factors lead to the decision to develop a hybrid app

The decision of the EuroAirport to develop a HTML5 app based mainly upon cost factors. Apart from lower initial development costs, also program extensions and maintenance costs are considerably lower than of apps developed by native programming languages.